The Neverhood!

Very recently, ScummVM added support for that classic, The Neverhood Chronicles. This makes playing the game on modern machines and operatin systems a breeze: you literally just point ScummVM at your Neverhood CD, and it does the rest.

I took this opportunity to replay through the game again, and I tell you, boy does it stand the test of time. The animation remains stellar, the music fantastic, and the puzzles still taxing, even though I’ve finished the game at least 10 times before. 

I’d strongly recommend you give it a spin on ScummVM if you’re new to the whole thing, or want to replay a classic of PC/PSX gaming that was way, way ahead of its time.

Finally, a spiritual sequel was funded successfully on Kickstarter a while back, called Armikrog, and it’s looking fantastic :)


Anonymous asked:

Mosul, your dad, family? --AM

I just saw this. Thank you for asking, whoever you are. My dad is in Kurdistan now, he’s ok. The rest of my family (uncles/aunts) are OK, for now.

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