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Mosul, your dad, family? --AM

I just saw this. Thank you for asking, whoever you are. My dad is in Kurdistan now, he’s ok. The rest of my family (uncles/aunts) are OK, for now.


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Hi it's wiggles! Would you be interested in knitting for this? :) cnduk. org/component/k2/item/1828 also do you get your supplies online or in a shop?

Hello Wigglebiz!

I’ll have a think, player 4 keeps us all busy so haven’t knitted in ages. I get everything online. No favourite shop, just google at the time and buy the best deal.

I sometimes venture to the yarn shop in town, and charity shops too. They have cheap-o stuff.

I’m so glad I read that very first issue of Saga, a graphic novel series published by Image Comics. It’s a fantastic space opera story that does not shy away from adult themes, particularly the horrors of a pointless war. It has amazing art style by Fiona Staples, and the HD digital version from ComiXology is stunning on the iPad.

This full-page spread, capturing how Alana feels after taking drugs for the first time in a while, really captured my attention. It really does make it feel like she’s floating in a bliss of “fuck yess……..”

Amazing. Read it if you can.

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