I found something out today that I had to share with you all, my lovely, loyal, readers (hello you!).

When Nintendo were researching the DS, the president, Satoru Iwata, tasked the R&D team to make sure that the prototype can survive a 1.5m fall onto concrete ten times, without any loss of functionality, before he would even consider approving the project.

Why? Because 1.5m is the average height of a man’s breast pocket.

Also, because Nintendo are bloody magnificent, that’s why. There’s a reason why they’re the best game maker out there!

How do you find the time?

A question I’m always asked is, “how do you find the time?”
This usually is in reference to playing games, but sometimes many friends ask the same about reading books. I thought I’d elaborate here, as someone asked me today if I’d ever blogged about it, and I don’t think I have.

First of all, some facts about me:

1) I don’t watch TV. Almost never. If I do, it’s very, very rarely.

2) I don’t go out every evening. In fact, if at all possible, I wouldn’t go out at all. I don’t understand why people feel compelled to spend all their free time outdoors, when everything I’d ever want is in the comfort of my own castle.

3) I used to smoke, I don’t anymore. Which is why:

4) I don’t really spend money on anything but games, gadgets, and tech stuff.

5) by utter amazing chance, I married a wonderful woman who loves video games. Not just playing them, but also (and here’s the crucial bit) watching them. She can watch me playing games like she’d watch TV.

6) my eldest son is like his mum.

7) by mutual agreement, Friday evenings are for games. Online multiplayer ideally.

8) which also means that all of Saturday is no videogames. It’s strictly for family and wife time.

9) I can function normally on 6 hours sleep.

With all that in mind, here’s a typical week day for me:

07:00 - wake up
08:00 - leave for work
18:00 - get back from work
18:30 - dinner
19:00 - play with the boys
20:00 - put boys to sleep
20:30 - cup of coffee with the wife
21:30 - vidya! Or read a book. Or both!
00:00 - go to bed

See? Enough time each day to spend time with the family, and play at least a couple of hours. And that’s not taking into account Friday late-night gaming and Sunday!


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